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At present, the jade market can be said to be wind and water, and the jade bracelet is more and more sought after by people. It has caused a lot of inferior or fake jade flying in the market. If you don’t pay attention, you will buy fakes. This requires us. Practice a pair of eyes, carefully identify the true and false, then, now Xiaobian will share some tips for you to help you identify.

1, the seed is good

Glass type jade has a glassy luster, its texture is fine and pure, and its color is pure, translucent, rich and even green. If it is a jade bracelet made of glass jade, then its price is relatively high.

2, look at the color

Jade has a variety of colors such as green, cyan, brown, white, red, and purple. In general, the finest emeralds and emperor green are considered the best. However, when purchasing a jade bracelet, you can’t blindly pursue the gorgeous color, but you should choose according to your age and personality color. If you are a young person, it is best to choose a pale green jade bracelet. If you are older, you should choose a dark green jade bracelet.

3, look at the style

Bangle styles are currently more popular: round bracelets (traditional models), flat bracelets (birth bracelets) and oval bracelets (also known as “chaise bracelets”. The round bracelets are traditional, suitable for middle-aged and old women; flat bracelets and chaise longue bracelets It is a new bracelet, suitable for professional women, and it will not affect the work when you go to work. Consumers mainly consider their personal body shape and working style. The wrist is thin, and the round bracelet and the flat bracelet are more suitable; the wrist is thick and fat, and the flat type is better. If the wrist is wider, choose the noble bracelet to be more beautiful. From the market sales situation, the current flat bracelet is more popular among women.

4, look at the size

The selection method of the inner diameter of the bracelet is mainly based on the softness and hardness of the human hand bone, as long as the bracelet can pass through the palm of the hand. The inner diameter of the bracelet is generally divided into three types: the diameter of the small ring is 50-54 mm, the diameter of the standard ring is 55-57 mm, the diameter of the middle ring is 58-60 mm, and the diameter of the large ring is 60 mm or more. The most beautiful thing about wearing a bracelet is that there is a certain distance between the bracelet and the wrist. The more you wear, the better.

5, look at the body

The width and thickness of the bracelet are different, and the price will vary. Generally speaking, the thickness of the bracelet is reflected in the cross-section of the bracelet. The bracelet with a high cross-section is thicker, the materials used are also much higher, and the price is relatively higher. On the contrary, the material is thin, the material is small, and the price is relatively high. low.

The width and width of each bracelet are not the same. You must choose according to your personal hobbies and body types. The slim ones can choose narrow and narrow, and the full-bodied people can choose thick and wide. Don’t blindly choose.


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