How to choose the watch dial size? How many people know?

The current trend is to bring big or small, many men’s watch designs start at 40MM, some multi-function watches must reach at least 42-44, this kind of watch is suitable for the watch of many wrists. ? If you can wear this type of watch if you have a small wrist, let’s look at how to use the formula to calculate the watch that suits you.




Estimation formula of wristwatch recommended watch

1) First measure the wrist dimension

Everyone will do this, not much nonsense, look around the wrist,




2) Formula calculation

Converted to millimeters, for example, 170MM, the size of the watch you want to buy removes this number, for example: you want to buy a 40mm diameter dress watch, and your wrist circumference is 170mm, the formula is calculated 170:40 = 4.25, this The number is the case index, which is the proportion of the wristwatch that fits on the wrist after it fits the wrist.



3) What is the most suitable case index?

The case index ranges from 4 to 5, and the watch is too big. If the watch is larger than 5, the watch is too small. Now the aesthetic of the watch has changed. The watch with big aesthetic and index 4 can also be tried. Maybe get started with more personality.





Tips: At present, the national standard recognized by the watch friends is 40MM. The size of the watch in the 32MM is suitable for most wrists. Of course, the specific size is suitable for you. It feels different after getting started. For example, although the multi-disc multi-function watch has a large size, the visual appearance is smaller than that of the single-disc three-needle watch.




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