Hands such as soft, beautiful on the wrist – ladies bracelet wear tips

the wrist has a jade bracelet or a jade bracelet, giving a clear and refreshing feeling. The origin of the jade bracelet is the ancient jade, which represents the feminine meaning, you Do you know how to choose the right bracelet? Do you understand the meaning of wearing a bracelet? Give this to the jewelry brand collection factory.

A woman like jade gives a feeling of elegance and cleanliness. It is both subtle and gentle. In fact, wearing jade bracelets or bracelets in summer is more comfortable and gives a feeling of warmth, while wearing it. It is good to bring it to the left hand. On the one hand, it is because it is worn on the right hand. When writing or doing things, it is easy to hinder the operation. On the other hand, it is left and right to promote blood circulation.

There are more and more jade ornaments in shopping malls. The shape of jade bracelets and bracelets is also ever-changing. If you don’t know it, you will pick your eyes. Buying things is about asking for a heart. As the saying goes, it’s hard to buy, I want to, and the most important thing is to suit myself.



Each person’s wrist is different in size. Relatively full and rounded ladies are more suitable for loose jade bracelets. If you choose a bracelet, it is recommended to be slightly wider to show the atmosphere. For ladies with thin wrists, it is better to choose a smaller profile. A slightly narrow jade bracelet or bracelet, dressed in some elegant.

Compared with jade jewelry, jade jewelry is more attractive than white, which is not a joke, white complexion, all kinds of jewelry are suitable, but for women with darker skin, they should avoid the light jade, such as White jade, you can choose deep color jade, violet, jade, jasper are good choices.

The most mourning for women is nothing but the increase of age and age. When choosing jade bracelets, it is more important to consider their age. Generally, carved, rich and inlaid jade bracelets are suitable for middle-aged and elderly people. This age is worn by women. The bracelet is not as beautiful as the bracelet.

Round jade bracelet and flat jade bracelet, which is your dish, wearing jade jewelry, is to pursue beauty, and on the road of beauty, there is no rule to follow, and you like to be the best for yourself.

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