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Xiaobian can’t hold back his emotions, so many beautiful and inexpensive watches are available. I really have to choose difficult diseases. In recent years, both Weibo and foreign Instagram can see some watches that can be loaded with X and Bigger. Even the small partners around Xiaobian also have a DW. It is really a small circle of friends. I was shocked (the original person who knows the goods around). In fact, the “wrist” style is more than DW, and there are many niche brands that we haven’t found yet. Well, nonsense, the first to appear is, hey, hey! Still the most popular DW, yes,



Daniel Wellington looks at this bunch of English and doesn’t evoke your memory, so you may know a little blue and white nylon strap. That’s right, this DW watch brand is the watch brand named after the British gentleman’s name. If you are older than Xiaobian, you will see Daniel Wellington (hereinafter referred to as “DW”) watches appear on some people’s wrists in most fashion parties and business meetings, although it is not a luxury, it is not a luxury. To the topic of taste, DW is absolutely qualified.

“Daniel Wellington” originated in Sweden. The birth story of the brand began with the brand founder meeting Daniel Wellington, a British gentleman who has an impeccable gentleman’s taste and wear. Always like wearing a ROLEX Nato nylon strap watch, the brand founder got a lot of inspiration from Daniel Wellington, and got a lot of inspiration from his timeless fashion taste and gentleman style, so he decided to ” Daniel Wellington “designed a series of men’s and women’s watches for the brand name, whether it is a classic leather strap or a multi-color Nato nylon strap, each with a strong academic style, and not refundable The eternal and minimalist design of the fashion, the brand founder hopes to bring you the most minimalist gentleman’s taste with the simplest design, just like the style of Daniel Wellington, so classic and perfect.


Although the design is simple, but the details are not at all, every detail reveals the taste and texture, the more you look at it, the more you look at it, no wonder it will make you love it! Because of its simple appearance, a large number of fashion bloggers discovered it and began to publish the wearing experience of wearing DW watches in the blog. DW, which is very recognizable in shape, easily gained the love of street-shooting people. Fashion people spontaneously used DW watches to match clothing and make street shooting.



In addition to fashion parties and business meetings, it is also a good symbol of love between lovers. The DW watch silently records the history of your love in its ticking, and the sweetness of love every minute is revealed. The dignified and beautiful of the DW watch also expresses the colorfulness of your love, the radiance, and every lover can walk the other side of love together.


If you are also fond of this one-of-a-kind color strap and the simple design of two hands, then you need to find your true feelings!


TRIWA, a high-quality watch brand from Sweden, is exquisitely crafted and the composition of each detail highlights the temperament of TRIWA. Triwa’s product design is very personal, and its wearing comfort is excellent. As a high-quality watch brand, it also advocates the use of vegetable-tanned leather in the concept of environmental protection. Vegetable-tanned leather is the mainstream “environmental leather”, high quality, healthy, Fashion in one.

published a series of classic and versatile men’s and women’s taste models. The choices range from simple to highly design, providing the most complete choice for all ethnic groups and tasters. The love of fashion people and bloggers, you will be able to see TRIWA in the street shooting. In addition to the variety of styles, the Triwa leather strap made from vegetable tanning agents will change color and feel amazing! During the exercise, the heat generated by the body will be emitted from the inside out over time, affecting the strap to make it your exclusive color, very unique and personal style.

TRIWA’s versatile neutral style fashion items all year round, with trousers and dresses are very good, especially with a neutral style, can add a masculine handsome in the feminine femininity, showing the woman another The unique charm of one side is impressive.


Philip Parker from Stockholm, Sweden, was designed by a famous watchmaker and collector in Geneva. He is also a founder of Philip Parker’s watchmaking line and an inspiring instructor. The hard-wearing watch produced by this watch brand not only presents a simple and elegant temperament in design but also adopts a Scandinavian design style route to make the watch stand out.

Inspired by the Swedish capital, Stockholm, this design is inspired by the nature of the northern climate, and in 1930, Stockholm was also the birthplace of functional watches. Today, Scandinavian design style is widely regarded as a representative of high quality, simplicity and simplicity, and it is not lack of functionality and convenience. Another feature of the Scandinavian design is that it is never embellished with exaggerated or excessive parts, and its style is a bit simple and stylish like DW.



The movement of the watch is like the engine of a watch. Its main function is to ensure that the watch has enough kinetic energy to present the perfect function. The most important part of the watch is the movement, which not only drives all the timing functions, but also ensures the timing accuracy of the second hour and hour hand; if the watch has no movement, it will not be able to present its function.



Komono, a watch brand from Belgium, has a simple and easy-to-read surface that represents fashion and modernity. It is best at playing on the strap, whether it is a colorful fashion watch or a simple and elegant fashion watch, it is very impressive. Since its inception in 2009, they have successfully created a number of sophisticated watches.


If you are a young and talented young man, you will be recommended to the Magnus MAGNUS series. The large 46 mm dial with a very eye-catching leather strap is simple and neat. After wearing it, I immediately added a few points to the British style.













Fear of holding a bright print, you can choose this more handsome black and white palm tree picture, black and white gray has always been a wise choice for death will not go wrong.Of course, there are a lot of ladies’ accessories that can be used to improve temperament, but there is very little to meet one that is absolutely suitable for you. So, if you have seen a komono watch, don’t let it go. Always have one or two stylish and temperament watches, no matter what type of clothes you wear, you can wear it stylishly out.

The Horse Classic watches are designed to be simple, with a solid-colored surface, a strap with a solid color, and a scale instead of a number to maximize the aesthetics of “simple and stylish”. The classic design can be compared with the trend. The strap of this watch is made of Italian leather, and the stainless steel dial makes people feel that they can stand the test of time.

Although the Horse is not functionally compatible with other watch styles, its design is fresh and timeless, and it can be used to match different types of dresses to exude an elegant temperament. In addition, The Horse Classic has a small seconds dial on the surface, which is also concise in the succinct.

The Horse brand was founded by a couple of Australian couples, Scott and Amy. Scott is from the shoemaker’s family. After marriage and his wife, Amy also inherited the craft of making shoes, specializing in leather boots, and carrying forward their lifestyle, launching watches. , accessories, furniture, etc., the brand image is elegant and unconventional, so whether in their shoes or other products can also feel the skill and warm handcrafted skills.


As for the movement, the watch of The Horse Classic series uses the movement of Japan’s Miyota, and the seconds counter can count up to six hours. The case is made of stainless steel with a diameter of 36mm, while the belt is 115mm/75mm long and has a width of 18mm. The waterproof function of this watch is 3ATM. It can be used in general for rain and bathing. It is absolutely not afraid to wet the watch. Prevailing minimalist style has also led to a lot of buying and elegant design table is very similar to The Fifth appearance with DW, DW if you like simple design sense, but do not want everyone else and hit the table, it is recommended that you The Fifth this one Take the minimalist style watch brand, The Fifth watch from Melbourne, Australia, the price is close to the people and the style is rich, it may become another good watch brand.In terms of color, The Horse Classic series watches have a variety of different color matching options, Xiao Bian feels that the all-black design highlights a retro classic taste.

There are two major city branch designs “New York Classic” and “Melbourne Minimal”, whether it is a strong personality of all-black, girly soft skin strap with a white surface, or retro classic coffee color strap, each They are all versatile and rich in design.

And the brand is interesting in order to echo the meaning of “The Fifth”. They only have the monthly number 5 to place an order. If you like the brand “The Fifth”, you can quickly customize a watch with your own style!


This is a New York brand, the most eye-catching is its diamond-cut dial shield that illuminates light in any light and angle. The shiny dial is paired with a solid-colored strap in a clean style that won’t be too exaggerated. Said that he is a watch, in fact, more like a jewel, a lot of styles are really designed to be a special fashion sense, with a dress can be.



This RumbaTime watch features a silicone strap that supports a sleek oversized dial for a sporty look. When worn alone, it creates a simple statement of the effect of the single item, but also a fashion accessory for many bracelets.

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